Southpoint Truck Sales

850 Cesery Blvd Unit #3 : Jacksonville FL 32211

Phone: 904-361-9800

About Us

Southpoint Truck Sales is an independent automobile dealer located in Jacksonville, FL. Our mission and goal is to provide quality vehicles and quality service to our customers. We specialize in mainly truck/pickup inventory with focus on diesel like the Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500, GMC Sierra 2500/3500, Dodge RAM 2500/3500. Our inventory also consist of gas vehicles, including cars, mainly from trade ins. We offer simple competitive pricing. We do not have a DEALER FEE add-on like most other dealers.

Contact Info

Address: 850 Cesery Blvd Unit #3 : Jacksonville, FL 32211
Phone: (904) 361-9800